Welcome to Motor Court!

I get it. There are a lot of travel blogs out there. Most of them are self indulgent (No one cares about your trip to Hawaii. There. I said it.). I can’t promise that this one will be an exception. What I can promise is that I won’t be writing about Disney, Mt. Rushmore, or Niagara Falls. Don’t get me wrong; I’ve worked in hospitality in the national parks for years. I appreciate tourist attractions, luxury hotels, world class amenities and an expertly cooked steak (By the way, if you’re getting it cooked more than medium rare, you’re a monster.). It’s just that when it comes to my own extracurricular activities, I’ll take a dive bar in a weird mining town over a yacht in Ibiza any day.

I started Motor Court to highlight weird towns, strange roadside attractions and all of the places you’ve driven by and thought, “I’d like to stop and check that out, but it just looks so sketchy.” I like to find the things that most people don’t even know they’re looking for, relics from a lost time, subcultures lurking just beneath the surface of every day life, entire communities removed from modern society that not only exist, but thrive.

If you feel the same way, come along on a journey with me though a world of cheap motels, haunted highways and trailer parks. It’s going to get weird.


One thought on “Welcome to Motor Court!

  1. I made a comment to a friend recently that “I hadn’t ever found my tribe”….I’ve only read this post……but……I may be getting closer to home.


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